Skydra Launches Website


Skydra launches its new website this week. As we are still in stealth mode we are holding our cards close to our chests with plans to disclose more details about how our amazingly efficient machine works after the competition. For now hang tight! We have a bunch of exciting months ahead of us.

Jacques LaramieWebsite
It's Official! We made it into round 2 of the Water Abundance Xprize Competition
Xprize Award.jpg


It's official! We made it into round 2 of the Water Abundance Xprize Competition. In 2016 Xprize challenged teams from around the world to create a machine that uses renewable energy to produce 2000 L/ day of water out of thin air at a cost of $0.02/L. Of the 98 teams that entered, Skydra was selected as one of 5 to advance into round 2 of the competition for a chance at $1.75 M cash prize! Wish us luck.

Jacques Laramie
Van Leeuwen


Proud to have been a part of Pentagram’s effort to update Brooklyn’s finest ice cream markers identity, Van Leeuwen. If you are lucky enough to live near one of their locations please enjoy. Otherwise, check out their website to see all of their incredible flavors and to spot the pint renders I created.

Jacques Laramie
Verena Solutions

New Client - Verena Solutions

Michael Inflinger, Founder and CEO at Verena Solutions has spent the last few years developing a better safety needle: SimpleCAP. We worked with Michael and the Verena team to help simplify and clarify the messaging around using this revolutionary product.  To find out more check out today.

Jacques LaramieNew Client
Lystr Technologies Inc.

New Client - Lyster Technologies Inc.

Kara Scanlin was one of the first people I met after moving into mHUB and after talking for a just a few minutes we both realized we could benefit from each other's expertise. Over the past few months Kara has been developing a cool new product to help you easily create shopping lists, keep track of inventory, and more.  To find out more check out and while you are there sign up for mailing list so you can be the first to know when this product launches. 

Jacques LaramieNew Client
We Moved into mHUB

Jacques Laramie LTD MOVED INTO mHUB

Manufacture. Make. Machines. Markets. Mentor. Midwest. Members. Momentum The M in mHUB is purposefully ambiguous and represent many things related to our dynamic ecosystem.  After touring the 63,000 square foot facility I learned that the space was previously owned, renovated and ultimately abandoned by tech giant Motorola.  What makes this space incredible is its capability. mHUB has 10 unique fabrication centers to aid in product design and rapid prototyping including: 3D Printing, Electronics, Laser Cutting, Metal Fabrication, Plastic Molding, Testing, Textiles, Welding and Grinding, Wet Lab, Wood Shop, and even a microfactory for onsite low-volume production runs.  Beyond the incredible facilities, mHUB is a community of designers, engineers, creators, entrepreneurs alike, with huge depths of knowledge.  Once the facility is fully operational, Chicago, is going to see a huge boom in industry. 

Making the move to mHUB was quite honestly the easiest decision we've have made.  With a facility like this to work in I can offer my clients so much more.  Beyond that we are excited to make great connections and collaborate with those in the mHUB community. Learn more and become a member here. Tell em Jacques referred you.  

Jacques Laramie


After much deliberation I am very excited to finally share the updated with the world. As I am able to make projects publicly available I will, so keep a look out for lots of cool new things to come.  

I am always looking for interesting new clients and exciting cool projects to work on.  If you are interested in working with me please feel free to email me directly at Thank you for looking. 

Scout Security Inc.

NEW CLIENT - Scout Security inc.

I met Dan and Dave of Scout this year in Vegas at CES back in January.  We struck up conversation in the cosmopolitan hotel and casino in the middle of a crowded walk way and stood there talking for probably over an hour.  Scout was being showcased in the Samsung area. 

When we got back to Chicago I met to further our conversation and discuss possibly working together in the future. Months later I am very exciting to finally get the opportunity to work with these guys.  Check them out at


Aftermaster Pro Launches on Indigogo


Happy to announce the launch of the new re-design of an incredible product I have been working on over the past few months.  Such an honor to have worked with such an insanely talented team including Alex Daly, Hamish Smyth and the amazing people and audio geniuses at AfterMaster who came up with this product. 

To get your hands on one of these and learn all about the awesome audio technology packed inside this little box check out the AfterMaster Pro Indigogo campaign here


Jacques Laramie