We Moved into mHUB

Jacques Laramie LTD MOVED INTO mHUB

Manufacture. Make. Machines. Markets. Mentor. Midwest. Members. Momentum The M in mHUB is purposefully ambiguous and represent many things related to our dynamic ecosystem.  After touring the 63,000 square foot facility I learned that the space was previously owned, renovated and ultimately abandoned by tech giant Motorola.  What makes this space incredible is its capability. mHUB has 10 unique fabrication centers to aid in product design and rapid prototyping including: 3D Printing, Electronics, Laser Cutting, Metal Fabrication, Plastic Molding, Testing, Textiles, Welding and Grinding, Wet Lab, Wood Shop, and even a microfactory for onsite low-volume production runs.  Beyond the incredible facilities, mHUB is a community of designers, engineers, creators, entrepreneurs alike, with huge depths of knowledge.  Once the facility is fully operational, Chicago, is going to see a huge boom in industry. 

Making the move to mHUB was quite honestly the easiest decision we've have made.  With a facility like this to work in I can offer my clients so much more.  Beyond that we are excited to make great connections and collaborate with those in the mHUB community. Learn more and become a member here. https://mhubchicago.com/ Tell em Jacques referred you.  

Jacques Laramie